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Does Chlorine or Bleach Damage the Environment?

Bleach Damage Pacific Exterior - Santa Cruz, CA

  ALTHOUGH WE DO NOT RELEASE SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE INTO THE ENVIRONMENT, THESE ARE SOME INTERESTING FINDINGS: A Risk Assessment Report (RAR) conducted by the European Union on sodium hypochlorite conducted under Regulation EEC 793/93 concluded that this substance is safe for the environment in all its current, normal uses.[4] This is owed to its high…

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Bacterial Stud Striping – Structure Striping

Stud Striping Pacific Exterior Santa Cruz, CA

“STUD STRIPING” OR “STRUCTURE STRIPING” is a visible pattern that can be seen on building exteriors, typically on the north side and other shaded areas. This phenomenon is a common site on building exteriors, particularly in areas where there is consistent moisture due to humidity, coastal marine layers, low lying valley fog, etc. The dark…

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