Does Chlorine or Bleach Damage the Environment?

Bleach Damage Pacific Exterior - Santa Cruz, CA

  ALTHOUGH WE DO NOT RELEASE SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE INTO THE ENVIRONMENT, THESE ARE SOME INTERESTING FINDINGS: A Risk Assessment Report (RAR) conducted by the European Union on sodium hypochlorite conducted under Regulation EEC 793/93 concluded that this substance is safe for the environment in all its current, normal uses.[4] This is owed to its high…

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Bacterial Stud Striping – Structure Striping

Stud Striping Pacific Exterior Santa Cruz, CA

“STUD STRIPING” OR “STRUCTURE STRIPING” is a visible pattern that can be seen on building exteriors, typically on the north side and other shaded areas. This phenomenon is a common site on building exteriors, particularly in areas where there is consistent moisture due to humidity, coastal marine layers, low lying valley fog, etc. The dark…

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ECLEAN: The Roof Cleaning Issue

eclean Pacific Exterior Santa Cruz Ca

Pacific Roof Cleaning is proud to be featured as the cover photo of The Roof Cleaning Issue of eClean Magazine. That’s right, a whole magazine issue dedicated to roof cleaning, because it’s that important! The many benefits of getting your roof cleaned are especially highlighted in the article Power Washing: Let’s Talk Roof Cleaning, by…

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