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Pacific Exterior offers clients a variety of services to clean and sanitize, including odor control. As a premier sanitization and decontamination company, we’re renowned for helping to make homes and work environments healthier, safer, and more pleasant.

We’re proud also to be deodorization experts, a field which enables us to identify and locate the source of offensive odors. From there, we’re able to neutralize and eliminate these odors, as well as address the need for handling the source.

While the source may be from inside or outside your home or facility, it may not always be something that can be removed. However, the work that we do will deal with minimizing the effects providing you with a fresher smelling interior space for the ultimate odor control.

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Masking Smells vs Odor Control

Understanding odor control is also about understanding what it’s not. Many home and business owners think that masking the smell is a sufficient solution.

Masking the scent is when you use sprays or other methods meant to cover or conceal the odor, instead of controlling or eliminating it. As a company committed to services like disinfection and decontamination, it’s clear that our goal isn’t to hide problems.

We’re here to confront the issue and look for a long-term solution. Masking odors is a shortcut that offers a quick but temporary fix. The concern is also that whatever is causing the odor could pose a health threat, as well. It’s critical to get to the root of the problem and work to solve it.

Some common sources of lingering odors are things like:

Musty Odor
Mildew or Mold
Old Carpet
Pet Elimination
Garbage Disposals
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Regaining Control for Your Home or Work Environment

At Pacific Exterior, our job is to use the latest technology to identify and reduce or eliminate odors. The purpose of identifying and locating the cause of the odor is to get more effective results.

The identification of a foul odor source is also to determine current conditions and locate surfaces that may require sanitization and decontamination. Getting rid of the bad smell is only half the battle, ensuring there’s no threat to the well-being of anyone in the home or facility is the real concern.

We’re the trusted team to contact for a service that’s this vital and sensitive. Give your home or workplace a fighting chance for a long-term resolution against odors and contaminants.

Call our team today and schedule a time for odor control service in the Santa Cruz area.

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