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It is easy to see on most homes while the growth is in process; there are dark black streaks, particularly on the north facing roof, though once the algae has fully taken over it is sometimes hard to tell. (It's never too late to remove.) The best place to look to find out if your roof is dirty is below metal roof jacks flashing and sky lights. There you should find lighter colored streaks or patches...that is the original color and that is what your roof will look like after we have completed our service!

The black stains are caused by cyanobacteria frequently referred to as algae (Gloeocapsa Magma) that feeds on organic material (Typically crushed limestone) now used in composition roof shingles. Algae growth on roofs occurs to varying degrees in all regions of the country, especially those subjected to warm humid conditions.

The Monterey and San Francisco Bay Areas have a particular problem with dirty roofs due to the consistent marine layer that often covers the coast and certain inland areas. Nearly all types of roofing are susceptible to staining and discoloration. It is, of course, most visible on lighter colored roofs and less visible on darker shades of roofing.

Yes. Pressure washing will dislodge the granules from the surface of the shingles and can scar the shingles causing more problems than you started with. Shingle manufacturers make it very clear that no pressure should be used to clean roofs. Although leaving the roof apparently clean looking, pressure washing alone does not kill the algae and the problem quickly returns. Tile roofs are also susceptible to damage from pressure, particularly the glaze finish and color pigment. The typical result is that the tile loses its color and is left far more porous. The new porous surface fosters the regrowth of algae, lichen, and moss. Removing the outer surface of roof tile using pressure also allows moisture to enter the tile which accelerates degradation.

As soon as you notice any signs of the shading or staining. The gloeocapsa magma bacteria is relatively easy to remove. Moss and lichen require much more time and effort. Even after the treatment, a small amount of dead moss will remain, left to decompose over time. The best time to treat a dirty roof is before signs of moss or lichen.

While their advertising is slick and their giddy actors happily say how wonderful the product is, reading the small print reveals:

  • The product uses a strong chemical degreaser that breaks down petroleum-based roof shingles.
  • The product takes multiple applications over many months even over a year, (many of our customers complain that the products still never worked...)
  • After application of the product (which shows no visible effect) you are directed to “simply rinse with... a pressure washer...” Exactly what the manufacturer directs you not to do.

There are many more reasons we feel you should avoid these roof cleaning products. Suffice it to say, we feel their sole interest in your roof is a monetary one.

Yes. Cleaning your roof can save you money in more ways than one...

  • First, the algae and fungus that grows can cause premature roof granule loss, and shorten roof shingle life. So you save money because your roof lasts longer
  • Second, when the algae turn your roof black, it becomes less reflective, and it retains heat; If you use an air conditioner it has to work harder to overcome the increased heat load, costing money in electric bills.
  • Third, the aesthetics of cleaning your roof when it comes to selling your home can not only save you money but can make you money too.

It would be appreciated if you could do a few things the night before we come out to do the roof cleaning service:

  • Move all lawn equipment, furniture and/or toys inside or away from the building.
  • Keep all animals inside or out away from the home.
  • Put any special plants out away from the house (if possible.)
  • Park vehicles on street or in the garage.

Pretty much just clear everything out away from around the house. We will be rinsing areas around the building during the treatment.

We almost exclusively use equipment no louder than a whisper. Occasionally we use a compressor for large commercial projects.

Yes. We have many happy customers who would love to share their roof cleaning experience with you, Most likely, some in your neighborhood. Please feel free to request a list by e-mail.

Yes, we are properly insured and send proof of current insurance out with all proposals. All employees are covered by workers compensation insurance. We are registered with the DIR for governmental work and prevailing wage jobs.

The TOMI SteraMist™ designator is an effective system used for Binary Ionization Technology® or BIT™ decontamination technology. There are two types of SteraMist™ units available, the SteraMist™ Surface Unit and the SteraMist™ Environment System.

It's a solution available to the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors and is vital in combating pathogens and other contaminants. It's designed to clean and sanitize all types of facilities with little to no downtime. The mist approach makes it possible to access hard to reach areas and surfaces.

Initially designed in 2001 in response to the anthrax attacks, Binary Ionization Technology® has proven to be effective against other contaminants. It's a patented two-step process that activates and ionizes a 7.8% hydrogen peroxide solution. Simply put, a fog of fine mist is created and disinfects and decontaminates in targeted areas and large spaces.

SteraMist™ and BIT™ have proven field efficacy against a wide range of contaminants as per research that follows the strict EPA guidelines. Some examples of harmful microbial pathogens SteraMist™ neutralizes are Influenza A (H1N1), Stachybotrys chartarum, Human rhinovirus 164, and Bacillus atrophaeus - just to name a few. Feel free to contact us for a more detailed and extensive list.

One of the great things about this service is that there are minimal requirements to prepare for service. Plus, the quick turnaround time with little to no business disruption doesn't hurt either. There's no need to move, cover, or clean anything prior to the service. SteraMist™ reaches under, over, around, and behind obstacles. It will break down and eradicate bacterial, fungal, and viral contaminants from your environment. With a well-ventilated space, you may be able to return to production within minutes upon completion of the process.

We're easy to reach by phone at 831-275-1296 or follow the link at the bottom of the page for our online contact form. This will give us the opportunity to assess your specific needs and arrange for a service time. At this time, we're able to conduct assessments remotely to avoid person-to-person contact and maintain social distancing guidelines. From there, we'll be able to schedule your service to sanitize your facility and return you to production status quickly safely and effectively.

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