why insurance company require roof cleaning

Why Do Insurance Companies Require Roof Cleaning?

Homeowners insurance is designed to protect you in the case of a disaster. Many homeowners pay a good amount of money every month for their coverage – which should pay for replacement or repairs in the case of unforeseen disaster or emergency. Unfortunately, an increasing number of homeowners are receiving notice from their insurance company…
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man using steramist spray to disinfect equipments in a industrial facility

Masks, Mists, Touchless Toilets: How Property Managers Are Trying to Keep COVID Out of Their Buildings

Since the shutdown began locally in March, Silicon Valley’s property management firms have confronted the issue of sanitization and the costs and staffing needs that go along with keeping their tenant spaces Covid-19 free. Local property managers are turning to companies like Pacific Sanitizing to effectively keep their tenants safe from Covid-19. Orchard Commercial Inc.,…
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spanish tile roof cleaning

Are Roof Cleaning Services A Necessity For Residential And Commercial Buildings?

Depending on the type of building, residential roof cleaning and commercial roof cleaning are essential to maintaining optimal appearance. A clean roof is immediately apparent and a sure sign that the place is properly cared for. But is a roof cleaning service really necessary? It may seem like a roof cleaning service is a luxury…
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black stains on the walls

What Are These Black Stains On The Walls? Understanding Ghosting On Walls vs. Mold

Oftentimes, inspectors and contractors will receive phone calls from homeowners who describe a mold problem that has recently developed on the walls and ceilings of their homes. Sometimes, they describe the mold patterns as black stains on the walls and ceilings that seem to be following the framing of the house. The good news for…
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importance of a clean building exterior for commercial & industrial facilities

Importance Of A Clean Building Exterior For Commercial & Industrial Facilities

The importance of keeping the inside of a business clean is well-known. Employees need to be able to work in a clean, usable space, and visiting clients and customers need to be impressed by a clean workplace. Recognizing this, most businesses will hire internal cleaning services to ensure that their interior space looks as good…
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safe wash exterior cleaning and restoration

Why Is ‘Safe Wash’ The Superior Approach To Exterior Cleaning

Buildings get dirty over time. This is especially true in coastal Northern California, where climate conditions are perfect for mildew, algae and mold growth on exterior surfaces. These detractors, coupled with general weathering, can noticeably change the exterior aesthetics of residential and commercial structures, causing them to lose their appeal dramatically. The Safe Wash technique…
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clean decorative concrete

Modern Hard Surface and Decorative Concrete Cleaning

It may not seem like it, but concrete has changed in recent decades. Unfortunately, our approach to modern hard surface and concrete cleaning has not kept pace. Use of pigmenting, different aggregates and various finishes have allowed concrete to become a decorative material, rather than solely a durable one. Today’s concrete patios, features, and buildings are…
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oracle arena roof after cleaning by pacific exterior

Pacific Exterior Restores the Roof of Oracle Arena for Beautiful Blimp Coverage

If you watched the 2018 NBA playoffs, you’ve probably seen some amazing overhead shots of Oracle Arena during the broadcast. Home of the reigning NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, the arena features a predominantly white roof that, until recently, was heavily discolored and in need of restoration. Pacific Exterior was selected to clean the roof…
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why smart homeowners prefer non pressure soft wash roof cleaning over pressure washing 300 - santa cruz, ca

Why Smart Homeowners Prefer Non-Pressure Soft-Wash Roof Cleaning Over Pressure Washing?

Spending $7,600 on a new roof increases the value of your home by $7,980. Although a profit of merely $380 on a home remodeling project may not seem like much, it’s more than what homeowners recoup from most other projects. In their first Remodeling Impact Report, published in 2015, the Realtor Magazine studied “the resale…
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