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Roof cleaning & restoration

A clean roof isn’t just more aesthetically pleasing - it’s safer, more efficient, and less likely to require expensive repairs.

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Contact the Pacific Exterior team to schedule your patio cleaning today. We’ll show you how just one soft cleaning service can transform your porch area.


Exterior cleaning

We restore roofs and exteriors with environmentally safe, manufacture suggested detergents to remove dirt, mildew, algae, and other contaminants.

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A Unique Approach to Exterior, Roof Cleaning and Restoration

Pacific Exterior is Northern California’s original non-pressure cleaning and restoration professional. Our dynamic approach to exterior cleaning, sanitizing, and restoration provides a superior alternative to pressure washing for the Bay Area and Monterey Bay. For over a decade, we’ve proudly restored homes, businesses, municipal buildings, industrial complexes, mixed-use buildings, and more with our soft wash cleaning methods.

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We’re also an established authority when it comes to causes and remedies for specific exterior building growths and staining. We have been showcased numerous times in national and international publications. Recently, our discovery of Bacterial Growth Patterns on Building Exteriors was featured in BUILDINGS magazine, one of the country's most respected commercial construction publications. In December of 2017, one of the nations leading decorative concrete trade magazines featured our article on 'Modern Hard Surface Cleaning and Restoration’.

From simple residential exterior cleaning to Restoring the Roof of Oracle Arena, we’re confident in our ability to serve you. We consistently achieve truly transformative results and have a long list of satisfied customers, with documented results that continue to shine many years later.

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Relax... We are fully insured with the special liability requirements necessary to provide professional roof cleaning and restoration.

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Improving Long-Term Building Appeal

Looking to restore the curb appeal and prestige of your home? Safe washing is the smartest investment you can make! Pacific Exterior will erase the fading and discoloration from your siding, roofing, and other exterior surfaces—no matter what materials they’re made of—restoring a stunning, clean appearance to your Residential Property. In fact, nearly every local real estate company has depended on Pacific Exterior to optimize the aesthetics of residential roofs and exteriors, to help drive successful sales!

For Commercial Buildings, we take the time to restore exterior surfaces carefully. Even in a historical and complex architecture, count on us to safely remove discoloration from organic stainings, such as mold, mildew, or bacteria, as well as rust stains and efflorescence. We’ll leave you with a commercial establishment you’ll be proud to operate, and customers will feel confident visiting. As an experienced building contractor and certified roof inspector, our knowledge of your building is comprehensive. These qualifications allow us to provide more than just a restored exterior building facade, as we can provide complete contracting services as needed.

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The Original Safe Wash Technique

Discoloring and staining on your home or commercial building’s exterior are more than just detractors from its appearance—they can also be harmful to the exterior materials and finishes, as well as the building’s curb appeal. And while many power washing contractors are content to blast away these stains, the results are generally short-term, with the potential to leave behind severe and lasting damage.

That’s why Pacific Exterior has developed what we call the Safe Wash technique for the exterior cleaning and restoration of homes, businesses, and commercial facilities throughout Northern California.

Our unique ‘Safe Washing’ approach does not rely on extreme pressure or abrasives to strip away organic growth—we use proprietary detergent blends to carefully remove staining and discoloration, without causing damage to the building's exterior surfaces. The best part? It's environmentally safe, while also providing outstanding, long-term results!

Removing More Than Meets the Eye

The chief problem with power washing—and the main reason safe washing is so effective—is that pressurized water alone only removes the surface growth. Most algae, bacteria, lichen, moss, and other organic building growths run deeper and are quick to return after even the most thorough pressure washing. Safe Washing provides a dynamic and comprehensive treatment to eradicate organic buildups on both the surface and deeper, stopping their regrowth for many times longer than power washing.

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Safe Washing for All Applications

The beauty of safe washing (other than its immaculate results) is that it can be used for virtually any exterior restoration project and can be adapted to any surface material. From concrete to stucco, EIFS to siding, slate to clay, single-ply membrane to cool roof coatings, and beyond. Pacific Exterior provides a knowledgeable solution and superior results without causing harm.

Safe washing is also environmentally-friendly. We reclaim water where necessary with state-of-the-art reclamation equipment, so property owners don’t have to worry about damaging their lawn or landscape in pursuit of a beautiful exterior.

All Types of Exterior Restoration and Roof Cleaning

More than just our proprietary safe washing method, Pacific Exterior offers complete exterior cleaning and restoration services, tailored to each job. Not every project has the same demands, which is why we come equipped for each specific cleaning.

Don’t let another cleaning contractor apply a conventional, one-size-fits-all cleaning approach to your exterior. Instead, make the call to Pacific Exterior and get the peace of mind that comes with using the premier exterior cleaning and restoration contractor.

See what our Safe Wash practices and tailored restoration approach can do for your building! The outstanding results speak for themselves, and you’ll quickly understand why we’re the most trusted name in exterior cleaning throughout the Bay Area and the surrounding region, including Monterey, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz Counties.

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Bob Fitzgerald

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Pacific Exterior did an incredible job cleaning my clay tile roof. They were professional, on time, very thorough and I would recommend them for any and all cleaning situations for any home. Extremely pleased with their work.


Lon Haskew

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Pacific Exterior instills confidence from the first to the last. I couldn't be happier with my 'new' roof!


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Pacific Grove

We have used Pacific Exterior for many years, they can always be relied on for efficiency and professionalism. We just call, schedule visit and we know we don't have to give it another thought.


Neal Coonerty

Former Mayor of Santa Cruz

It was a pleasure to work with Pacific Exterior. They were reliable, professional and exceeded every expectation of a quality job. I highly recommend this excellent locally-owned family business.


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Menlo Park

Exceptionally detail oriented. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking this type of work.

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Everything looks great. You did an outstanding job, it's really beautiful.


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