Residential Exterior Soft Washing Services in Santa Cruz

We offer professional soft washing services throughout Northern California.

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Pacific Exterior’s Soft Washing Services

Give your home’s exterior a brighter and cleaner surface with professional low-pressure washing services.

Pacific Exterior’s team provides smart, long-lasting soft wash services as an alternative to high-pressure washing. Give us a call to schedule your next cleaning session. We soft wash homes throughout Northern California, and we’re happy to set up an appointment.

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Northern California’s Soft Washing and Restoration Professionals

Pacific Exterior’s Safe Soft washing uses environmentally-safe chemicals on a low PSI to clean roofs and exteriors – without causing damage to your property. The chemicals used in soft washing kill all algae and bacteria, rather than just blasting them off. The clean you get from soft washing lasts much longer.

High-pressure washing may seem like a fast and convenient option to clean a home’s roof and exterior. But the high PSI can easily push water into the soffit of your home and compromise the insulation. Additionally, pressure washing uses only water – meaning algae and bacteria might not be fully cleaned.

Our Soft Washing Services

Roof cleaning & restoration

House Exterior Cleaning

We soft wash roofs and exteriors with environmentally-safe chemicals to remove dirt, mildew, algae, and other contaminants. A soft wash session can transform a home’s outdoor surfaces, making the property safer and easier to enjoy.

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Patio Washing

When we soft wash concrete patios, we clean the surface and safely reseal it. This gets rid of lingering marks and debris, even oil stains, which can accumulate over time. Don’t worry about nearby plants and grass – the chemicals used in our soft washes are 100% safe.

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Deck Washing

Our soft washing services treat wooden decks with built up debris and stains. We’ll remove dirt, dust, and debris to restore your deck to its previous color and condition - without harming the wood itself.

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Driveway Cleaning

Over time, driveways acquire stains and built-up debris. We take care of this by soft washing the area on a low setting with safe chemicals. With our help, you can keep your driveway looking clean and polished for years to come.

The Pacific Exterior Difference

At Pacific Exterior, we never use harsh chemicals during our soft washing sessions. We turn to the latest technology for incredible, eco-friendly results.

All of our California team members are trained to minimize hassle and maximize convenience throughout the process. We’ll help you plan for the cleaning session, move furniture, and other obstacles to achieve the best possible results.


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Contact Pacific Exterior for Your Next Wash

Do your home’s surfaces have built-up grime and stains? Contact us to schedule your first consultation for a one-time cleaning or regular soft washing appointment.

Email us at or call 831-275-1296. We’re here to restore your property to its peak condition with expert cleaning and treatment services.

Frequently Asked Questions

While high pressure washing with water alone may blast off unsightly bacteria or algae, it doesn’t tackle the root of the problem. Soft washing uses chemicals that kill algae, grime, and bacteria growth at the core so you don’t have to clean as often.

We recommend pressure washing your house at least once every two years. However, depending on where you live, you may need to wash more frequently. For example, many of our clients that live near the ocean require more frequent appointments to combat the buildup of salt on their homes.

Driveways, like houses, should be soft washed at least once every two years. This is the best way to prevent grime from building up and contributing to permanent stains. Although you can do light pressure washing on your own from time to time, a bi-annual professional appointment is highly recommended.

You can buy your own pressure washer and tackle the job without professional help. However, you may end up doing harm to your property. An expert will be better equipped to carefully wash your home without causing damage.

We price our soft washing services based on factors like how much work is needed, what type of service your home needs, and more. We always talk our clients through the pricing before any work gets done – so there are no unwelcome surprises.


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