Pacific Exterior Restores the Roof of Oracle Arena for Beautiful Blimp Coverage

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If you watched the 2018 NBA playoffs, you’ve probably seen some amazing overhead shots of Oracle Arena during the broadcast. Home of the reigning NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, the arena features a predominantly white roof that, until recently, was heavily discolored and in need of restoration. Pacific Exterior was selected to clean the roof and restore the appearance of the arena, to make sure it looked its best during blimp coverage segments.

Oracle Arena was opened in 1966 and is the NBA’s oldest arena. And though its exterior has been cleaned several times throughout the years, the roof has never received such a truly transformative restoration. Instead of power washing, Pacific Exterior employed their ‘safe wash’ method to restore the roof’s appearance to a clean, white, like-new state.

Discoloration of the Roof

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Subjected to extreme weathering and pollution from nearby Highway 880, as well as organic staining from algae, bacteria, and lichen, Oracle’s roof was a deep grey color when Pacific Exterior started the job. After treatment, it’s white once again and looks spotless from overhead! The roof has become a beautiful focal point for blimp coverage and offers amazing contrast during broadcasts compared to previous years.

Getting the Job

Oracle Arena is managed by AEG Facilities (the leading sports, entertainment, and venue operator in the world) After vetting a number of Northern California service providers, they awarded the job to Pacific Exterior out of Santa Cruz. The company had developed a reputation for solving complex exterior staining issues on commercial facilities throughout the Bay Area.

That said, AEG had first learned of Pacific Exterior through a recommendation by Bob Fitzgerald, Golden State Warriors television play-by-play announcer and host of Fitz and Brooks on KNBR Radio. After performing a similar soft washing treatment on the roof of Bob’s home, he recommended Pacific Exterior for the job.


Pacific Exterior did an incredible job cleaning my clay tile roof. They were professional, on time, very thorough and I would recommend them for any and all cleaning situations. I’m extremely pleased with their work, recounts Fitzgerald.


In the case of Oracle Arena, the structure has an acrylic ‘cool roof’ coating that absolutely could not be damaged, said Eric Schnaible, Owner of Pacific Exterior. Power washing just was not an option and was in fact, against the recommendation of the manufacturer and the arena’s engineering department because high pressure could cause damage. Our safe wash method was a natural fit for the job.

A few kind words and expertise in safe, reliable exterior cleaning were the winning combination for Pacific Exterior! And the results speak for themselves.

About ‘Safe Washing’

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Pacific Exterior is Northern California’s original, non-pressure exterior cleaning and restoration professional. They have developed their unique ‘safe wash’ approach to solving all sorts of exterior staining issues on numerous commercial facilities as well as private residences. Soft washing has proven to be a dynamic solution that provides incredible results yet is non-invasive and does not damage exterior surfaces.

It’s also eco-friendly! Where power washing Oracle would’ve wasted a tremendous amount of water—in addition to damaging the coating—we were able to complete the job safely, with outstanding results, using a fraction of the water. We even responsibly reclaimed 100% of the detergent and rinse water used to complete the project!

Working to restore the roof of Oracle was a fun way to play a part in the Warrior’s championship run (huge Dubs fans). We are also happy we were able to show what our safe wash technique can accomplish to the millions who watched the finals.

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