Why Is ‘Safe Wash’ The Superior Approach To Exterior Cleaning

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Safe wash exterior cleaning and restoration

Buildings get dirty over time. This is especially true in coastal Northern California, where climate conditions are perfect for mildew, algae, and mold growth on exterior surfaces. These detractors, coupled with general weathering, can noticeably change the exterior aesthetics of residential and commercial structures, causing them to lose their appeal dramatically. The Safe Wash technique is the modern solution to this age-old problem.

When most people realize their building is in need of exterior cleaning, their immediate thought is to look for power washing services. Unfortunately, pressure washing isn’t safe for many surfaces and can often do more harm than good. It’s also ineffective at removing organic growth in the long term.

The other option for exterior restoration is soft washing—a gentler, more effective way of removing staining and buildups from roofs and building exteriors. The problem is that many window cleaning and pressure washing companies, as well as handymen, have latched on to the term ‘soft wash’ but lack both the knowledge and experience to provide this service.

The result is a loose and misguided interpretation of what soft washing was intended to be. It also generally includes the use of a pressure washer and does not provide the long-lasting, beautiful results that Pacific Exterior has consistently achieved for years.

‘Safe Wash’ vs. Soft Wash

Pacific Exterior is Northern California’s first soft wash cleaning professional. We refer to our unique approach as ‘safe washing.’ It’s what soft washing is genuinely meant to be: done accordingly to restore building aesthetics safely and cleanly, without any damage. We focus on superior results that are safe for residential homes, commercial facilities, and the environment in both the short term and long term.

Specifically, Addressing Organic Growth

The reason safe washing is the preferred method of exterior restoration—regardless of the building or the type of staining—is because it specifically addresses organic growth.

Pacific Exterior’s roots are in Northern California’s Monterey Bay and the San Francisco Bay Area, which are well known for their consistent marine layer, resulting in extensive organic growth. Our custom blended detergents are specially formulated to combat these familiar staining agents, making our safe wash approach the clear choice for exterior cleaning and restoration.

Safe for All Building Materials

We are an experienced building contractor with extensive knowledge of all of the surfaces and materials we clean and restore. We recognize the need to handle each job according to its specific needs. Our safe wash approach is a dynamic technique that always ends with the best results possible. We consistently deliver outstanding results, even on the most technical and intricate architecture.

A Smart, Lasting Solution

While power washing may provide an initial visual improvement, its results generally don’t last. Likewise, ‘nominal’ soft washing by inexperienced and untrained service providers produces inferior results that quickly fade. Both options pale in comparison to a ‘true’ soft wash treatment completed by Northern California’s original non-pressure exterior cleaning professionals.

Not only does safe washing produce instantly noticeable results, but these results also have staying power! Most buildings keep their fresh appeal for years at a time, staving off organic growth and preventing staining to maintain the appearance looking superior.

When compared to harmful power washing and ineffective ‘soft washing,’ Pacific Exterior’s ‘safe wash’ method sets the standard for excellence. There’s no better option for professional exterior restoration that looks great, is safe on building exteriors, and lasts.

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