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Our "Safe Wash" Approach

Redwood City's Original Roof Cleaning Professionals

Pacific Exterior is Redwood City's original, non-pressure roof, and exterior cleaning professional.

Since 2010, We have pioneered alternative methods of cleaning and restoring residential and commercial exteriors. The results of our "Safe Wash" approach are far superior and long-lasting than traditional methods.

While pressure or power washing has been the industry standard, it can be incredibly damaging. For that reason, many of the leading names in exterior building products such as Sto, Dryvit, GAF, and others, strongly advise against the use of high pressure on their products due to the risk of physical damage to the surface material.

While pressure washing may appear to render acceptable results, it is ineffective at removing the primary cause of unsightly exterior surfaces. The principal contaminants are biological and include algae, bacteria, fungus, lichen, mold, and moss. Our Safe Wash methods and custom blended cleaning solutions eradicate this organic growth and leave exteriors far cleaner than pressure washing can. The results are immediate and last for years.

Synthetic stucco (EIFS)
Metal siding & roofs
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Asphalt shingles
Commercial cool roofs (TPO and PVC)
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Serving Redwood City Since 2010

Pacific Exterior has been an industry leader since 2010. We have delivered outstanding results from single-family homes to complex commercial and industrial facilities of hundreds of thousands of square feet. Here are some of the reasons people in Redwood City trust us.


National soft wash alliance (Founding Member)
United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners (UAMCC)
Roof Cleaning Institute of America (RCIA)
National Roof Certification and Inspection Association (NRCIA)
California Contractors State License Board (CSLB)

We are proud to serve all of Redwood City, including the unique residential neighborhoods and the many unique private communities within the county.

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Our “Safe Wash” Approach

Our “Safe Wash” approach is efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly.

  • Effective

    The results of our advanced cleaning techniques are far superior to typical methods. We have years of documented proof of success, where pressure washing has failed. We continue to provide references of happy customers whose projects have been completed years ago.

  • Safe

    Despite being tough on biological contaminants, our methods are gentle on your plants and landscaping. Several U.S. state and governmental organizations, wastewater treatment facilities, as well as schools and hospitals, have verified the safety of our products and detergents.

  • Environment-Friendly

    The chemical blends that we use do not damage the environment. We reclaim, disperse or dispose of our rinse water in line with the Clean Water Act. It never enters storm drains.

Schedule a test cleaning session with us. It’s free. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

For all types of professional roof and exterior cleaning and restoration in Redwood City, call (650) 687 0895.

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We Provide Service to All of San Mateo County, Including:

  • Atherton

  • Redwood City

  • Menlo Park

  • Hillsborough

  • Portola Valley

  • Half Moon Bay

What Our Clients Have to Say

Genuine, friendly, professional, experienced and absolutely
committed to customer satisfaction, BBB A+ Rating for 12 years straight…

Excellent 5.0 Star rating based on Google, Yelp, BBB and Yahoo reviews.

Pacific Exterior is your "go-to" source of exterior house/roof cleaning, and if you're a commercial/industrial business needing this service, look no further! I had a whole home remodel done in 2005, and after 13 years of never having my roof professionally cleaned, it was in need of some help! Eric was awesome, he provided a quick (within an hour) preliminary estimate based on our home's square footage data obtained via google earth and communicated lead times and updates as necessary based on previous work commitments and inclement weather that pushed our schedule out a couple of days. I received a call the day before to confirm they would be starting at am. They arrived on time and delivered a service above and beyond my expectations. Eric spent extra time replacing some broken tiles that I had spares for and even corrected some hip tiles that needed trimming; something that always bothered me from my backyard deck but never caught it after the remodel. Our roof looks clean and new again, and we couldn't be happier. They do an outstanding job, and their cleanup afterward is spot on! I am a military veteran and a firm believer in punctuality, professionalism, and quality service. Pacific Exterior delivers and then some!! 

Dan Johnson,

Retired Military Veteran, Redwood City, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Cleaning your roof can save you money in more ways than one...

  • First, the algae and fungus that grow can cause premature roof granule loss, and shorten roof shingle life. So you save money because your roof lasts longer
  • Second, when the algae turn your roof black, it becomes less reflective, and it retains heat; If you use an air conditioner it has to work harder to overcome the increased heat load, costing money in electric bills.
  • Third, the aesthetics of cleaning your roof when it comes to selling your home can not only save you money but can make you money too.

It would be appreciated if you could do a few things the night before we come out to do the roof cleaning service:

  • Move all lawn equipment, furniture, and/or toys inside or away from the building.
  • Keep all animals inside or out away from the home.
  • Put any special plants out away from the house (if possible.)
  • Park vehicles on street or in the garage.

Pretty much just clear everything out away from around the house. We will be rinsing areas around the building during the treatment.

We almost exclusively use equipment no louder than a whisper. Occasionally we use a compressor for large commercial projects.

Yes. We have many happy customers who would love to share their roof cleaning experience with you, Most likely, some in your neighborhood. Please feel free to request a list by e-mail.

Yes, we are properly insured and send proof of current insurance out with all proposals. All employees are covered by workers compensation insurance. We are registered with the DIR for governmental work and prevailing wage jobs.

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