Exterior Cleaning

importance of a clean building exterior for commercial industrial facilities

Importance Of A Clean Building Exterior For Commercial & Industrial Facilities

The importance of keeping the inside of a business clean is well-known. Employees need to be able to work in a clean, usable space, and visiting clients and customers need to be impressed by a ...
Safe Wash Exterior Cleaning and Restoration

Why Is ‘Safe Wash’ The Superior Approach To Exterior Cleaning

Buildings get dirty over time. This is especially true in coastal Northern California, where climate conditions are perfect for mildew, algae, and mold growth on exterior surfaces. These detractors, coupled with general weathering, can noticeably ...
Stud Striping Pacific Exterior Santa Cruz, CA

Bacterial Stud Striping – Structure Striping

“STUD STRIPING” OR “STRUCTURE STRIPING” is a visible pattern that can be seen on building exteriors, typically on the north side and other shaded areas. This phenomenon is a common site on building exteriors, particularly ...

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