Clean decorative concrete

Modern Hard Surface and Decorative Concrete Cleaning

By Eric Schnaible / June 18, 2018

It may not seem like it, but concrete has changed in recent decades. Unfortunately, our approach to modern hard surface and concrete cleaning has not kept pace. Use of pigmenting, different aggregates and various finishes have allowed concrete to become a decorative material, rather than solely a durable one. Today’s concrete patios, features, and buildings are…

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How to Clean Rust Stain off Concrete - Santa Cruz, CA

How to Clean Rust Stains off Concrete

By Eric Schnaible / September 29, 2017

Cleaning rust stains off concrete isn’t that hard. Most of the time those reddish-brown spots on your driveways, porches, patios, and other concrete surfaces can be removed with cleaners you can find at home, such as vinegar and lemon juice. This said, occasionally you will run into stains that are so stubborn that you will…

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5 reasons to safe wash your house

5 Reasons to “Safe Wash” Your House

By Eric Schnaible / September 25, 2017

When you own a home, it’s important to protect your investment for so many reasons. Keeping yourself and your family safe and comfortable in an attractive home has a high priority. Curb appeal, keeping your home valuable, and the not so simple task of constant maintenance can also be time-consuming and frustrating. Here at Pacific…

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