Black Stains On The Walls

What Are These Black Stains On The Walls? Understanding Ghosting On Walls vs. Mold

By Eric Schnaible / December 26, 2019

Oftentimes, inspectors and contractors will receive phone calls from homeowners who describe a mold problem that has recently developed on the walls and ceilings of their homes. Sometimes, they describe the mold patterns as black stains on the walls and ceilings that seem to be following the framing of the house. The good news for…

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Oracle Arena roof after cleaning by Pacific Exterior

Pacific Exterior Restores the Roof of Oracle Arena for Beautiful Blimp Coverage

By Eric Schnaible / June 11, 2018

If you watched the 2018 NBA playoffs, you’ve probably seen some amazing overhead shots of Oracle Arena during the broadcast. Home of the reigning NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, the arena features a predominantly white roof that, until recently, was heavily discolored and in need of restoration. Pacific Exterior was selected to clean the roof…

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5 reasons to safe wash your house

5 Reasons to “Safe Wash” Your House

By Eric Schnaible / September 25, 2017

When you own a home, it’s important to protect your investment for so many reasons. Keeping yourself and your family safe and comfortable in an attractive home has a high priority. Curb appeal, keeping your home valuable, and the not so simple task of constant maintenance can also be time-consuming and frustrating. Here at Pacific…

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